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For Vaginas Only, The Female Body Podcast

The go to place for information about the female body,

with over 70,000 downloads!


For Vaginas Only is the place to go for trustworthy information on all aspects of the female body.

From anatomy to pap smears, pregnancy and beyond...the way you wish YOUR doctor would explain it!

I'm very appreciative of how easy it is to
listen to the topics and understand what
Dr.C is saying. Great topics and very
informative! As someone who struggles
with PCOS and Endometriosis, I enjoyed
listening to these episodes and
understanding why my body works like it


Easy to understand and listen to

The PMS episode helps me to better
understand my partner. Wow!

Mr Hall[IES]

Helpful for men

Love love love!


Funny and informative!

Listen Now

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