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Dr Charlsie Celestine

An Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, and the visionary behind For Vaginas Only (FVO).


My mission is to provide accessible, easy-to-understand information about the female body, just like the conversations you've always wanted with your doctor.


Join us at FVO and empower yourself with vital knowledge about your health journey!

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FVO is the place to discover and understand the female body

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I founded For Vaginas Only (FVO) with the aim of providing a trusted source of information on the female body, presented in a manner akin to the candid conversations you wish you could have with your doctor! Our mission is to demystify various aspects of the female anatomy in a straightforward and accessible manner. We want to empower every woman, particularly young girls who are beginning to explore their bodies, with a comprehensive understanding of both the positive and challenging aspects of vaginal health and its related components.

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For Vaginas Only’s purpose is for everyone to learn everything I know about the female body because no one should understand your body better than you!

Dr Celestine's photo

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For more educational and inspirational content, head over to my TikTok page. Follow me on TikTok to access my short videos, where I share my knowledge and expertise on all things related to women's health. I cover topics ranging from menstrual cycles and reproductive anatomy to pregnancy and childbirth.

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